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¡flood a mí! ¬¬U

no, en serio, ¡flood a mí! ¬¬U

Sam Bluesky
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Some random trivia about Sam
He's lazy, likes cakes (and pies. No, really. Either of them is fine), frolicks with a lot of things, has weird dreams, reads the horoscope just for laughs and takes it seriously at the same time, does a lots of memes (it mostly depends on if there's a lot of things going on at work), is learning how to live by himself and his slash!googles are always on.

How to entertain him
Let's face it, he is easily distracted. However, television has an interesting power over him: if there's a show on and he likes it, he's dazzled by the television. So it's really easy for you to forget that you even have a Sam if you have some of these tv shows available:
Charmed, Popular, Kare Kano, Star Trek (any of them will work), Merlin, Doctor Who, Nodame Cantabile, Torchwood, Xena.

How to train him
Yes, Sam is lazy. That doesn't mean you cannot train him or play with him! The best way of training Sam is via videogames. You can educate his sense of justice by taking him to Paragon City (and the Rogue Isles), you can teach him responsabilities by making him take care of elemental pets, and you can stimulate his imagination with a series of fantasy games that never end.

He can also eat your books, be careful!
Sam mostly eat sweet things (cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, pies, cookies, macarons... whatever you throw at him. Or leave near him), but don't forget about books. Even Dan Brown's. (He needs some taste, I agree with you on this one.) So if you have a title from these authors, be careful! He could om nom nom a book from them when you're not looking:
Dan Simmons, Marian Keyes, Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman, Douglas Adams, Jim Butcher, CLAMP (Yes, mangas are also not safe from him).